At Inovytec, we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of creating lifesaving solutions. Our cutting edge technologies are a ‘game changer’ in emergency medicine and trauma care and are considered to be the most effective, non-invasive and portable solutions on the market today. Our solutions are designed to save lives by enabling caregivers to save precious time when every second counts. Anytime. Anywhere.

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In medical emergencies the first few minutes are crucial for saving lives. Every second counts especially in an untreated emergency event that can rapidly lead to a physical disability or death. [Read more]

Inovytec specializes in developing and commercializing innovative solutions for out-of-hospital medical emergencies enabling to dramatically increase survivability chances and patients’ outcome.

Emergency medicine is a fast-paced and high stress field. In order to be able to save lives under these conditions, we are required to think fast, innovate, improvise and be hands-on. So do our novel solutions. [Read more]

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Full Critical Aid System

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Non-invasive Airway Management & Neck-free Immobilization

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Ultra-portable Turbine Transport Ventilator

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Breakthrough Thinking

Emergency medicine is a fast-paced and high stress field. In order to be able to save lives under these conditions, emergency medical and trauma care personnel are required to think fast, innovate, improvise, be hands-on and mentally strong professionals. These qualities are at the root of our efforts to invent and create innovative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s emergency medicine and trauma care challenges.

Our team members have been carefully chosen to bring a rare and precious array of talents from different disciplines, including emergency medicine, trauma care, physiology, neuroscience, engineering, bio-technology supported by strong business and strategy management, marketing and sales experts, finance, operations and regulations affairs.

Coming from different backgrounds, we are united and focused on saving lives everywhere and anytime through our break-through solutions.

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