Lubo Airway Collar

The Lubo™ is an upper airway opening device combined with cervical collar. This novel device is intended to enable non-invasive airway management in cases of trauma that require cervical fixation or any trauma in which immediate airway management is a necessity.

This is the first device that can open an airway non-invasively by imitating the jaw thrust maneuver while protecting the cervical spine. The Lubo pushes forward the mandible thus imitating the jaw thrust maneuver and opening the airway. The Lubo has undergone clinical trials successfully.

Product Benefits:

  • Two in one device – both non-invasive airway managment and cervical spine stabilization
  • Frees medical personnel to attend to other patient needs
  • Easy to operate and quickly applied
  • One piece, adjustable to size, light weight
  • Radio-lucent
  • No drugs or sedation required
  • Single-use (disposable)

The Lubo Airway Collar is intended for use in all cases of trauma where cervical spine control is needed, the patient's ability for spontaneous breathing exists, and fast evacuation is critical.


Army & Law Enforcements

  • Extra hands needed at the field. Especially when the ratio between care givers and injured patients is not optimal.
  • Can be put even in difficult conditions, by a single care giver keeping low profile even when lying behind the injured patient
  • Enables to keep the airway open while evacuating the injured lying supine as happens on stretchboard
  • Shortens the time needed in preparing the injured for evacuation, reduces the risk for the injured and for the care giver, as well for the evacuation teams.
  • Can be adjusted in small not optimal evacuating transportations such as loaded helicopters or ground vehicle.
  • The Lubo can be used by every user after simple and short training, enabling many immediate responders.

The Lubo introduces the next generation emergency airway management devices.


Applying the The Lubo

Learn how to apply the Lubo with our interactive application, just click on the image.