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Inovytec diverse suite of products is comprised of the SALI advanced critical aid system, the Ventway Sparrow family of compact and robust turbine ventilators and the Lubo first-aid non-invasive airway management tools. We serve healthcare systems, emergency medical services (EMS), militaries, and smart cities around the world that are looking to improve their continuum of care anytime, anywhere.

Easy to use

Designed for simplicity without compromising on performance, allows for rapid response in any situation.

Compact & Robust

Created for any scenario, on-the-go or in the field.


Our products are designed to make medical care efficient and effective.


We design our solutions to meet the highest standards and needs of our customers.

Markets we serve
Smart Cities
A city can only be as smart as its inhabitants. Using our SALI system helps creating Safe Zones for timely medical response,
empowering non-medical professionals to be first responders for any person in distress.
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Recognizing the unique challenges faced by defense forces around the world, our experienced team developed
rugged solutions ideal for the military environment. Our products are designed to endure the highest military standards,
meaning they will meet any challenge.
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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Inovytec products are compact and robust made to aid emergency medical services in carrying out their vital work. Our
solutions’ mobility, multi-functionality and ease of use are essential during routine or emergency care, so you can focus on
your patients.
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Inovytec prides itself with developing innovative Medical devices our Ventway Sparrow line of turbine based
ventilators is ideal for patient transport its MRI compatibility guarantees an unparalleled continuum of care.
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The Ventway’s unique properties create exciting new possibilities and an easier ventilation experience at home,
allowing more mobility and comfort for long-term ventilation of ambulatory patients.
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Why organizations choose us

I, Dr. Erich Wranze-Bielefeld Medical Director Rescue Service, county of Marburg-Biedenkopf, Germany, hereby endorse the SALI device developed by Inovytec Medical Solutions for funding by the EU commission.
This endorsement is in accordance to the fact that the onset of cardiac arrest and other medical emergencies can happen at any time and in any place, leading to death in most cases without immediate care. Unfortunately, the current critical aid systems available do not provide monitoring, CPR guides for the layperson, as well as the many additional features offered by the SALI device. This device has been created not only as a critical aid kit for emergency services, but as one that will be easy to use for the layperson, greatly increasing the chances of survival of a patient before emergency services can arrive on the scene. The SALI is a game-changer in how we view the layperson’s role during a medical emergency from the moment it occurs until EMS arrives.

Dr. Erich Wranze-Bielefeld Medical Director Rescue Service, county of Marburg-Biedenkopf, Germany

Ventilators designed to perform during an outbreak of viral infection require a unique combination of features, all of which exist in Ventway:
1. Ease of operation: The Ventway is extremely simple to operate, any medical practitioner with a basic education in ventilation can operate it within minutes.
2. Oxygen-independent operation: The Ventway utilized a turbine to draw ambient air from its surroundings, therefore, the ventilation does not rely on oxygen supply and its oxygen consumption is low. This is a critical feature when facing a mass ventilation event, a condition in which patients will probably be ventilated in sites that are not necessarily equipped with unlimited oxygen supply. Additionally, the ventilator is ideal for extended site transfers.
3. Weight and size: The Ventway is lighter and smaller than any corresponding ventilators in the world today. This allows it to be used for transferring patients in and between hospitals.
4. Long battery life: The Ventway has a battery that provides up to 4.5 hours of operation, a feature that significantly increases operation safety.
5. Advanced ventilation capabilities in a small package: The Ventway is able to provide most of the ventilation method techniques relevant to the majority of patients.

Dr. Adi Nimrod, Head of General ICU, Sourasky Medical Center – Ichilov Hospital, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Ventway Sparrow

The Ventway Sparrow is a family of compact and robust turbine-based ventilators, weighting only 1kg, enabling effective invasive and non-invasive ventilation, for children and adults. Built to perform in the field or in the hospital, its elegant design assures that it is easy to use and maintain. Different models are specially designed for paramedics (light and easy to use for transportation), hospitals (MRI friendly), militaries (more robust for harsh environments) and home care (personalized, enables mobility). The Ventway is also suitable for life support-ventilation for chronic COVID-19 patients.

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Advanced Critical Aid System

SALI was designed to bridge the gap between an emergency event and the time Emergency Services teams arrive at the scene. It allows any first responder to provide care for someone experiencing medical distress up to acute respiratory or cardiac arrest by marrying non-invasive airway management, automated oxygen therapy, vital signs monitoring and defibrillation with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. At the same time, it connects to an emergency dispatch allowing medical professionals to guide the first responder through first care until an ambulance arrives.

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The LUBO is the only non-invasive device which can open the patient’s airway by performing the jaw thrust maneuver while protecting the cervical spine. It supports hands-free non-invasive airway management to prevent neurological damage in the field. Designed with understanding the importance of managing multiple-tasks at a scene of a medical emergency, Lubo is also a highly effective tool to support non-invasive ventilation performed by the Ventway Sparrow ventilator.

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healthcare organizations
Israel Defense Forces deploys Ventway Sparrow ventilator
November 20, 2020

Inovytec announced that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has deployed a lightweight tactical ventilator, the Ventway Sparrow MIL Standard model.

Inovytec partners with California to provide portable ventilators amid COVID-19
January 21, 2021

Israeli medtech company Inovytec signed an agreement with the state of California to provide its Ventway Sparrow turbine mobile ventilators to hospitals up and down the golden

Inovytec signs deal to provide advanced mobile ventilators to California medical professionals
January 12, 2021

RA’ANANA, Israel – January 11, 2021 – Inovytec, an innovator of multi-functional and user-friendly emergency medical devices, announced today that it has signed a deal to supply 1,500 advanced portable ventilators to Global Medical Supply, a California-based distributor which was

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