First-Responders Airway
Management Made Easy

At the scene of an emergency, every second matters. First responders facing unconscious patient need tools that deliver the basic care, quickly and efficiently. The Lubo family of devices does just that by allowing first responders to provide continuous non-invasive airway management. The Lubo supports non-invasive ventilation during CPR and can be used for trauma or during mass casualty incidents (MCI).

Jaw Thrust Maneuver

The only device that can execute the jaw thrust maneuver effectively and continuously

Quick and Easy to Use

The Lubo opens the patient’s airway in seconds and supports advanced airway management (intubation)

Neck-free Immobilization

The Lubo features a cervical immobilization for trauma patients without pressuring the patient’s neck

Globally Tested

Used by first responders and militaries around the world

Unique Advantages
Product highlights / Features
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Non invasive
Lubo + Ventway Sparrow Comprehensive
Non-Invasive Ventilation Solution
Non-invasive ventilation increases survivability by reducing potential
complications in patients with acute respiratory distress.
The Lubo™
and Mini Lubo™

Are the only tool able to open and secure the airway non-invasively making it the perfect accompany for the Ventway Sparrow ventilator.

Army - A Medic’s Best
non-invasive Airway Management Tool

The Lubo ™️ both enables more effective non-invasive ventilation and serves as a cervical collar. It’s flexibility saves room in an ambulance or a paramedic’s bag.

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Non-invasive airway management
to size
to use
Quick placement & release
Perfect fit for
The Lubo is designed for harsh environments and extreme conditions,
it is used with ease and can be quickly deployed allowing for decisive action that
will ensure the situation is contained
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Emergency Medical Services
The Lubo provides hands-free airway management for paramedics before intubation and also serves as a cervical immobilization device.
Coupled with the Ventway Sparrow the Lubo allows for easy and effective non-invasive ventilation.
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Emergency Preparedness
The Lubo is a perfect fit for any emergency toolkit allowing first responders to easily
address the fundamental procedure of non-invasive airway management whether
they are providing basic life support or performing CPR.
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Israel Defense Forces deploys Ventway Sparrow ventilator
November 20, 2020

Inovytec announced that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has deployed a lightweight tactical ventilator, the Ventway Sparrow MIL Standard model.

Tiny Ventway Sparrow Ventilators FDA Cleared
February 4, 2021

Inovytec, an Israeli firm, has won clearance from the FDA to introduce its Ventway Sparrow ventilators in the United States.

Inovytec signs deal to provide advanced mobile ventilators to California medical professionals
January 12, 2021

RA’ANANA, Israel – January 11, 2021 – Inovytec, an innovator of multi-functional and user-friendly emergency medical devices, announced today that it has signed a deal to supply 1,500 advanced portable ventilators to Global Medical Supply, a California-based distributor which was

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