Non-Invasive Airway Management & Neck Free Immobilization

The only non-invasive device able to open the airway by imitating the Jaw thrust maneuver while protecting the cervical spine

Non-Invasive Airway Management

Neck Free Immobilization

Supports Intubation

Adjustable to Size

The Need

Any first responder, paramedic or non-paramedic, learns in the Basic Life Support course to perform the Jaw-thrust maneuver using both hands.
On the one hand, this is a difficult technique that requires training in order to be performed successfully, and still may risk the patient’s cervical spine if done manually without preliminary immobilization.
On the other hand, the common cervical collars may compromise the patient’s airway by obstructing both the professional medical personnel from performing intubation and the Basic Life Support first responders from manually performing a Jaw-thrust maneuver.
Lubo secures patent airway while immobilizing the spine without causing damage to the patient’s neck.
Lubo also enables performing intubation, if needed, while maintaining cervical spine fixation.

Lubo Regular

P/N: INV-02-000-R02

Lubo Military

P/N: INV-02-6003-R02

Mini Lubo

P/N: INV-03-0000-IT