At Inovytec, we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of creating lifesaving solutions. Our cutting edge technologies are a ‘game changer’ in emergency medicine and trauma care and are considered to be the most effective, non-invasive and portable solutions on the market today.

We work closely with world recognized leading professionals as well as key opinion leaders in the emergency field, and we are devoting our time, knowledge and expertise to prevent unnecessary deaths in both out-of-hospital and in-hospital emergency events.

Emerging out of the Israeli reality, where innovation grows alongside stressful environmental conditions, we are deeply influenced and involved in the emergency and trauma fields in both military and civilian scenarios. Our solutions are designed to save lives by enabling caregivers to save precious time when every second counts.

As you read these lines our unique and innovative solutions are saving lives in the streets, at work, at home and in hospital beds. Our products are aimed at helping fight for the lives of our loved ones. Anytime. Anywhere.