Full Critical Aid System

SALI is a new-breed solution for respiratory and cardiac emergencies. It is a full critical first aid solution that creates a virtual hospital environment at the scene and significantly increases the effectiveness of the medical treatment.

SALI creates synergy between :

Airway Management

Oxygen Therapy


SALI provides effective solution for out-of-hospital setting, enables treatment to any patient regardless of his/her condition.

SALI remotely connects to any emergency center, transmits in real time the patient’s vital signs (ECG, BR, saturation, pulse).

SALI establishes a “SAFE ZONE” for medical response, a real-time connection of all relevant services, significantly increases the effectiveness of the medical treatment and improves the patient’s outcome.

Most cases of sudden cardiac arrest, even if treated by a traditional AED, will leave the patient with neurological damages. SALI significantly reduces those damages by combining:  Traditional defibrillation, Oxygen therapy, Airway management.

SALI Cloud Applications