Professor at Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC).
Former Professor and Founder of the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and High-Tech Management Track in the Department of Business Administration (MBA) at Ben Gurion University.
Member of the Committee for the Prime Minister’s Prize for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
Economic consultant in several research and projects with leading national and international organizations (EU, World Bank, governmental entities and others).
Extensive experience as a board member of many leading Israeli corporations, such as
Bank Hapoalim, Strauss Group, Oil Refineries, Teva Pharmaceutical, Bank Discount and Phoenix Insurance.
Nominated as one of the 100 most influential people of the Israel economy for the year 2011 by the Israeli economic newspaper TheMarker.
Nominated in 1996 as a “Globes Career Woman of the Year” in the field of Economics.
Nominated in 2014 as an honorary member of ACS – Cearense Academy of Science, Brazil.