Weighing only 1 kg, the Ventway Sparrow delivers high-performance ventilation to fit all patients, in both IV & NIV.

Built for mobility and operated with ease via a user-friendly interface, the Ventway is the perfect solution to administer quick and efficient ventilation- in and out of the hospital.

Ventilators designed to perform during an outbreak of viral infection require a unique combination of features, all of which exist in Ventway:

1. Ease of operation: The Ventway is extremely simple to operate, any medical practitioner with a basic education in ventilation can operate it within minutes.

2. Oxygen-independent operation: The Ventway utilized a turbine to draw ambient air from its surroundings, therefore, the ventilation does not rely on oxygen supply and its oxygen consumption is low. This is a critical feature when facing a mass ventilation event, a condition in which patients will probably be ventilated in sites that are not necessarily equipped with unlimited oxygen supply. Additionally, the ventilator is ideal for extended site transfers.

3. Weight and size: The Ventway is lighter and smaller than any corresponding ventilators in the world today. This allows it to be used for transferring patients in and between hospitals.

4. Long battery life: The Ventway has a battery that provides up to 4.5 hours of operation, a feature that significantly increases operation safety.

5. Advanced ventilation capabilities in a small package: The Ventway is able to provide most of the ventilation method techniques relevant to the majority of patients, including CPAP, BiPAP, SIMV volume and pressure limited, pressure support ventilation, PEEP.

Compatibility with hospital use:

1. The Ventway can be connected to an external monitor to enlarge the display and to maximize data transfer to all users.

2. The Ventway is very intuitive and easy to use by any healthcare provider. Training can be provided either frontally or via Inovytec E-learning platform.

3. The Ventway can be easily mounted on any pole/boom or bed side mounting apparatus using an easy to use mounting rig.

Regulatory status:

CE (authorized body: BSI) – Approved


Canada Health

TGA (Australia)