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Ventway’s unique combination between high-performance
functionality alongside its compact characteristics, positions it in the top row of critical care ventilators.

Designed to be impact resistant, ultra-handy and user-friendly. Ventway perfects the standard of care in emergency medicine both in & out the hospital.

The Ventway is suitable for chronic, life support-ventilation in COVID-19 patients.


Easy to handle and carry


Hospital performance on field

Maintenance Free

Durable and reliable device which delivers relentless ventilation, and requires only periodical filter replacement

COVID-19 Compliant

Provides effeciant chronic ventilation for COVID-19 patients

Ventway Sparrow

P/N: VWSP-100

Ventway Sparrow Robust

P/N: VWSP-900

Ventway MR

MRI Compatible

We are honored to memorialize Dror’s spirit and personality by naming one of the company’s new products – ‘Ventway Sparrow’, a mobile ventilator of uncompromising quality based on ‘out of the box’ technology that constitutes the lightest and most mobile turbine ventilator to-date.

The leap in technology and unique character of the Ventway Sparrow reminded us of Dror, and we therefore decided to call our first ever ventilator from the Ventway family, the ‘Sparrow’- Dror in the Hebrew language .

Dror Matalon