Company Overview

Inovytec Medical Solutions Ltd. (“Inovytec”) is a privately-held Israeli medical device company, ISO 13485 certified, founded in 2011. Inovytec specializes in the development, production and marketing of novel non-invasive devices for out-of-hospital critical care, particularly for respiratory, cardiac, central nervous system and trauma medical emergencies. Inovytec is led by a team of highly-experienced executives and R&D engineers, supported by internationally-recognized medical experts in emergency medicine, intensive care and cardiology.

Inovytec’s solutions are designed to save lives where the first few minutes are crucial, and dramatically increase the survivability chances of out-of-hospital emergency victims. Inovytec’s vision is to provide efficient live-saving devices for use by any first-responders, Anytime. Anywhere.

The Need

Of all medical emergencies, some 75% occur at home, work, or in public places. In cases of an out-of-hospital emergency event, the probability of an equipped paramedic being close to the victim in the first few minutes is very low. The ratio between paramedics to the general population is poor, even in developed countries, and this ratio is not expected to improve in the coming years due to the high costs associated with training paramedics.
In medical emergencies the first few minutes are crucial for saving lives: lack of oxygen to the brain can rapidly lead to a physical disability or death, and in the case of a cardiac arrest, the survivability chances increase as soon as the victim receives the heart shock defibrillation . Consequently, there is a huge need for easy-to-use non-invasive solutions for first responders who, in most cases, are not paramedics.

Furthermore, the lack of vital signs or medical history from the onset of the event until the arrival of the emergency medical service (EMS) and later on when the victim reaches the hospital, creates an unnecessary loss of critical time. Providing the emergency services arriving at the scene and the hospital ER with the full track record of the victim’s medical history in real-time can significantly contribute to the patient’s outcome.
Worldwide, millions of people die every year as a result of the lack of an effective medical response in cases of emergencies before arriving at hospital. Many more people suffer disabilities and a decreased quality of life as a result of medical emergencies, leading to a heavy economic burden on their families, community, insurers and governments. In most cases, lives could be saved or improved by the utilization

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