Ultra Portable Turbine Ventilator

Ventway is a quantum leap solution that provides a new effective way of ventilation in a wide range of acute respiratory emergencies. Its unique combination of high performance functionality along with lightweight and compact characteristics, positions the Ventway in the top row of critical care ventilators.

Ventway Sparrow-Robust P/N: VWSP- 900

Ventway Sparrow P/N: VWSP-100

Ultralight easy to handle and carry

Multi-function hospital performance in the field

Maintenance Free durable and reliable device which requires only periodical filter replacement

Energy Flex compatible with rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery


VENTWAY- Future Release

VENTway family of ultralight and portable ventilators for medical emergencies

To view or download the VENTway brochure in pdf format click on the image below.